The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

In conversation with Joyel Crawford: Bouncing forward from burnout

December 07, 2021 Arthi Rabikrisson and Joyel Crawford Season 1 Episode 34
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
In conversation with Joyel Crawford: Bouncing forward from burnout
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In this final episode of Season 1, Arthi has a meaningful conversation with the inspiring Joyel Crawford about how we can not just move past burnout, but actually bounce forward from it.

Joyel shares how 2020 was the year she was looking forward to, from a business and professional perspective, with a number of key projects lined up, until the pandemic hit, causing cancellations and clients business to dry up. 

This caused anxiety and fear but also opportunity, thanks to her network, which helped her to keep the business afloat. But, it was work that was based on desperation, not inspiration as she says. And her anxiety didn’t cause her to question these new contracts enough, in terms of fit and purpose alignment to her. Burnout symptoms started to show, like migraines, eye strain and fatigue which she denied was happening to her, even though she had experienced these warning signs before.

It manifested as lack of clarity and focus on the work. And this was the big mistake, says Joyel, and it was actually focusing on herself that was needed. It took an intervention by her husband for her to realise she needed to do just that – focus on her. Boundaries was key to begin the journey of recovery.

Joyel has devised the RISE process and she shares that with all of us to implement, not just when burned out, but also as a healthy way to proactively beat stress and bounce forward.

Take a listen to the podcast to find out more about this, talismans and so much more!

About Joyel Crawford:
Joyel is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Virtual Presenter, and Leadership Development Consultant at Crawford Leadership Strategies. 

Prior to her consulting career, Joyel supported professionals within all functional groups for 18 years at Verizon Wireless in the areas of Employee Relations, EEO/AA, Staffing, Professional Mentoring and Learning & Development Training.

She's facilitated leadership development courses and has been a keynote speaker and her career advice efatures regularly on  Forbes, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post to name a few.

 Joyel also hosts a television show and podcast called “Career View Mirror'. She’s the co-author of the Amazon Best Selling book “Speaking My Truth” presented by Cheryl Wood where she shares her personal story of “How To RISE from the Ashes of Burnout.” 
She has also recently authored her first book "Show Your Ask" which is also on the bestseller lists.

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