The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

In conversation with Sujata Gupta: In pursuit of the dream

October 22, 2021 Arthi Rabikrisson and Sujata Gupta Season 1 Episode 31
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
In conversation with Sujata Gupta: In pursuit of the dream
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In this episode Arthi has an inspiring conversation with Sujata Gupta, the creative head and founder of fashion boutique Nandni Studio in India.
Sujata reached her 40's and realised that this 3rd phase of her life needed to be purposeful and meaningful to her, not based on others expectations.
Being a seasoned IT specialist in the corporate world,  it was a chance sighting of a billboard for a fashion design course at the leading school in India that catalysed Sujata into action.
From undertaking the fashion design course, to quitting her job and starting the fashion label with the simple intention of just pursuing creative interests, her business has grown, has had setbacks and continued to flourish thereafter. So too has Sujata grown personally.
Her advice: the dream is worth pursuing. It might fail, but rather to live, try and fail or win, than live but never know what could have been.
"Kal Ho Naa Ho" keeps Sujata inspired, and this conversation is sure to inspire you too.

More about Sujata Gupta:
A senior IT executive, an alumni of IIM Calcutta & NIT Kurukshetra, with 24 years of corporate exposure, Soojata quit the IT industry to follow her passion and dabble with garment design. After understanding the basics of the design process from Pearl Academy, she has launched her own label – Nandni. She has a keen interest in handwoven fabrics, handwork and subtle details which is well reflected in her work. Minimal and functional and the two best ways to describe her work.

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Welcome Sujata!
More about Sujata
Sujata explains more about Nandni Studio
How Sujata came to realise that she was incongruent with what she was doing
Sujata's first decision to make the change happen
The mindset of change from corporate life to entrepreneur
Start up business in the time of Covid-19
Is pursuing the dream worth it?
Some of the things to consider when changing careers in pursuit of the dream
Celebrating the wins and failures
Sujata's regrets on looking back
The rest of 2021, Sujata's focus areas
Key piece of advice on how to pursue one's dreams
Thank you Sujata for joining the show!