The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

In Conversation with Ali Dunn: Creating personal growth beyond motherhood

August 06, 2021 Arthi Rabikrisson Season 1 Episode 26
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
In Conversation with Ali Dunn: Creating personal growth beyond motherhood
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On this episode, Arthi has a deep conversation with Ali Dunn about the (internal) barriers that come into play once women become mothers, both on the personal and professional front. Because women play many roles in their personal and career lives, there is often guilt around time management and prioritisation between these two areas.
Ali shares her personal story of grappling with this and how she has been able to diminish these negative thoughts and push through to do what is now her purpose. 
So if you are curious about personal and professional growth beyond motherhood,  listen in for useful advice, lessons and practical ideas to get that started for you, or to help you keep persevering.

Ali Dunn is an ICF accredited Life and Leadership coach for professional women who want to live a more empowered  and meaningful life. She coaches women into greater possibilities both personally and professionally through 1:1 and group coaching. Whether it’s career changes, entrepreneurship, or leadership it begins with a solid foundation of learning to trust yourself and tap into your values so you can live a more meaningful and on purpose life.

Ali runs and participates in a number of initiatives. There’s a weekly coaching group called Cup of Clarity, on productivity and planning. There's also an entrepreneurial coaching group called Feel the Growth. She serves as a mentor coach at The HIvery in San Francisco and works with Women for Change, which in a non profit focused on making coaching accessible to women from diverse backgrounds.

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