The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

S3 E8 Tasha Ten Spotlight: Stefaan van Hooydonk - Launching Your Curiosity Mindset

June 15, 2023 Arthi Rabikrisson Season 3 Episode 8
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
S3 E8 Tasha Ten Spotlight: Stefaan van Hooydonk - Launching Your Curiosity Mindset
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On episode 8 of Season 3  Arthi is joined by Stefaan van Hooydonk, one of the newer members of the Tasha Ten and founder of the Global Curiosity Institute, based in Belgium, talking about launching your curiosity mindset.

Stefaan gives us insight into his family and his world travels which include living in China, Finland, Saudi Arabia, UK and Holland, as well as the different episodes of his career, from investment consultant to now researching curiosity in companies and working with leaders. He defines curiosity for us, and thereafter explains the various dimensions of curiosity: world, others, and self.

Stefaan shares that although people start off curious they quickly become comfortable and stop probing or being inquisitive. For him, working on a new project ensures he is always out of his comfort zone.

You will have to listen in to find out more about Stefaan’s key advice, outlined as: Measure, Awareness and Intentionality (M-A-I).

Some wise words from Stefaan:

●        “curiosity isn't one single thing”

●        “curiosity needs a good environment”

●        “is my rate of learning greater than the rate of change around me?

 Listen to the full episode for so much more insights and ideas offered by my wonderful guest.

 About Stefaan van Hooydonk:

Stefaan van Hooydonk is founder of the Global Curiosity Institute and author of the bestselling book: The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto. Stefaan is deeply passionate about the  topic of curiosity, particularly in companies. He believes that curious individuals need curious environments to thrive and that especially in times of turmoil individuals and companies need to embrace intentional curiosity. With the help of a number of diagnostics he designed, he creates insights on what drives and what enables (or prevents) individuals and organisations to show up curiously. He consults global corporations and leadership teams towards building a stronger curiosity muscle. He is a regular speaker around the world on the power of curiosity to benefit professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations. Stefaan is the  author of the bestselling book: The Workplace Curiosity Manifesto.  Beyond all this Stefaan is a father of 4 and has started a permaculture foodforest!

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