The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

S2 E18 In Conversation with Andrew Tallents: Designing your life

December 09, 2022 Arthi Rabikrisson and Andrew Tallents Season 2 Episode 18
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
S2 E18 In Conversation with Andrew Tallents: Designing your life
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As we round out the year 2022 with Episode 18 Arthi invites guest Andrew Tallents to share his journey of designing his life so that it may inspire your own planning for 2023 and beyond. 

Having grown up in very modest circumstances, Andrew learned about putting in hard work in order to achieve success. At age 15 he took on the responsibility of the household, which brought out feelings of loyalty and duty, as well as resentment for missing out on childhood. As a result of this, behaviours played out for Andrew in his adult life where key relationships suffered because of the need to achieve. This went on for about 30 years until 6 years ago he was enlightened about coaching and what it could do for others. Due to Andrews natural disposition to assist and support others, this necessitated a shift for him to design his life away from doing, to being, and to, of course, enable others to do so too. 

Some wise words from Andrew:

  • "Stop, and reflect, and just ask the question around who am I really being, right now”
  • "to go from doing to being you need to create some space in your life and ask yourself what you would actually like your life to be like”
  • “When we try to change but we cant, just be kind to ourselves”

Listen in to the full episode for so much more insights and ideas offered by my wonderful guest.

About Andrew Tallents:
Andrew is Managing Partner at the Tallents partnership, and has over twenty five years’ experience in delivering a wide range of human capital solutions to a variety of organisations. He established The Tallents Partnership in 2017 to support business leaders who are ambitious for themselves and their organisations. He believes that the most effective leaders are self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and have purpose in their lives 

Connect with Andrew here:

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Welcome Andrew!
More about Andrew
Andrew shares his experiences of taking on responsibility at a young age
Andrew shares how this responsibility played out over a 30 year period
What triggered change for Andrew
How does one go from 'doing' to 'being'?
Emotional intelligence helps us to design our lives
Unconscious vs conscious leadership
Andrew shares some tools and practical ways to deepen self-awareness
Andrew's ecosystem of support through his journey
Where Andrew is now on the journey of designing his life
Andrew's key advice
What is next for Andrew?
Andrew's shares what inspires him
Thank you Andrew for joining the show!
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