The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

S2E7 In conversation with Reena Khullar: Leading for success in the pandemic

April 14, 2022 Arthi Rabikrisson and Reena Khullar Season 2 Episode 7
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
S2E7 In conversation with Reena Khullar: Leading for success in the pandemic
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In Episode 7 of Season 2 Arthi has an inspiring chat with founder Reena Khullar, who began her business in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic!
Reena wanted to try something new and she figured she could go back to a 8am-4pm job at some stage if she wanted to but for now the conditions were right: everyone was working from home, everyone was looking for new ways to manage this environment as the workforce was changing due to evolving roles. Reena decided to go for it, with a ‘nothing to lose’ mindset on this. What she didn’t realise was the impact she would have by writing about global leaders experiences.

Reena believes her agility  is what has garnered her success, along with the support of clients, colleagues and others in her stakeholder ecosystem. Showcasing ones authenticity brings about new business and support too and Reena also shares how this flows into a brand identity. When building relationships, this is a key factor in garnering support from clients as your brand and values matches similarly to the client also. For those who may be struggling with that misalignment Reena offers some advice around relooking at the job descriptions for the roles  filled by employees and updating these to be current.

In order to continue leading for success, Reena plans 3-6 months out, just as she advocates for her own clients to do the same and part of her strategy is to connect with more people, in person, because body language adds to the perspective too of what partners, collaborators and clients are undergoing and showing up as.

Some wise words from Reena:

  • “Success is very very authentic…it is a very personal journey”
  • “We don’t work for the organisation, we are a representative of the organisation…”
  • “Covid has given us an opportunity to go in a  re-evaluate ourselves as a person and our relationships and where we want to be in our life”

Listen in for her key tips on how to continue leading for success, whether at startup stage or emerging from the pandemic.

About Reena Khullar:

Reena Khullar is the Founder and CEO of Agilis Executive Consulting, a management consulting firm that offers HR partnerships and executive coaching to organizations across the globe. Her background is an Executive HR Consultant specialising in leadership strategy and professional development, where she launched and led consulting firms that supported clients with their workforce planning, organizational design strategies, and HR programmes for growth. 

 Reena was nominated for an RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award through the WOI Women of Influence™ organization. She is a member of the Forbes coaches council and Harvard Business review Advisory council, writes for Entrepreneur Media and is a speaker with the Work Wellness Institute™ in Canada, talking about best practices in leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

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