The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson

S2E6 In conversation with Leang Chung: self-awareness as a solopreneur

March 31, 2022 Arthi Rabikrisson and Leang Chung Season 2 Episode 6
The 'Inspire your Life' Podcast with Arthi Rabikrisson
S2E6 In conversation with Leang Chung: self-awareness as a solopreneur
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In Episode 6 of this season, Arthi has an insightful conversation with Leang about how we need to raise our self-awareness as solopreneur.

Leang shares how she was someone who always had to do things first in her family, being a role model to cousins and one of the eldest in her generation, she set the bar of what they could consider doing and achieving. It’s quite a responsibility to shoulder of course, and it is very typical of many Asian communities for this to happen. 

Leang had always had that entrepreneurial spirit and keen on #business, so after 15+ years in the #peoplemanagement and #talent space, she opted to give her own business a go by leveraging her experience and monetising it. 

Two things offered her security to embark on this journey: a long runway of capital to be able to sustain her lifestyle should things take longer than planned to work out, and confidence in her expertise, backed by experience, to be able to secure a good role again, should she need to return to corporate employment. 

From her initial focus area not being successful to being pleasantly surprised about how her new target market emerged, from lessons around self-awareness and creating a personal brand, to working with key support structures as needed to amplify her message and be unique and authentic in her business, Leang is journeying through it all and offer emerging solopreneurs and those of us in the trenches, some practical ideas of what to do, of ways to grow and own our awareness of what happens to us and our business. She advocates for us, from her own experience, to be open to change when needed and pay attention to opportunities when they present themselves so they aren’t missed.

 Some wise words from Leang:
 - "Being a solopreneur is the best way to get to know about you, because the buck always stops with you"
 - " Be open to what the market is telling you and listen to how you are responding"
 - "Give yourself that permission that you are a human being and that that was the best decision you could have made in that moment".
 Listen to the full episode to hear more from my inspiring guest.

About Leang Chung:
Leang Chung is the Founder & CEO of Pelora Stack. She helps underrepresented early-stage founders and mid-career woman prepare for their ‘first’. What do we mean by this? Examples are: The first time you scale your team….negotiating your salary and making a career change. Leang is able to offer these insights by leveraging her 15+ years of HR leadership, to help companies evolve from one business cycle to the next (from startup, to high growth, and to even turnaround). 

Leang is an active speaker and writer on topics such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Advancing Women in the Workplace, Networking as an Introvert, and Relationship Building as an Entrepreneur to name a few

She serves on different boards as chair, ambassador and mentor apart from running her own accelerator programme through her business too.

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